Workshop Details

Name of Workshop: ‘Finding Your Flow’ – Law of Attraction Workshop

Dates: Sat, 14th March

Duration of Workshop: 4 hours; Timings: 9 am to 1 pm

About the Workshop:

‘Finding your Flow’  – is a unique program that combines the application of the Law of Attraction with the newest discoveries in modern science, including groundbreaking research showing that our genes are not our destiny. As exciting new studies are finding, we have the power to influence 95% of our genetic code through the choices we make each day.

This workshop will show you how to ALIGN your desires that give your life meaning at the truest level with the SOURCE of all energy, the very SOURCE that keeps the earth rotating and the sun rising.. Everyday! You will be guided to techniques that aid physical and emotional wellbeing, so that you can “turn off” the genes that promote disease & scarcity and “turn on” the good genes that lead to vibrant mental and physical health thereby opening doors for abundance and prosperity in your life.

Benefits/ Take-Aways of the Workshop:

You will learn some practical tools & techniques to:

   Understand & connect with your own energy system through ‘Mantra’ meditations

   Relieve your stress

   Boost your energy to attract abundance

   Heal and prevent illness

   Enhance your clarity & purpose in life

   Help you create more loving relationships

Facilitator Details

Name: Karishma Ahuja

Founder MasterMind Training India, Certified Law of Attraction Trainer, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker – Karishma Ahuja is passionate about teaching people about the Law and Energy of Attraction and Vibration, providing step by step guide on how to apply the principles for results. She has produced quality trainings over the last 6 years helping students and adults clear limiting belief’s and release resistances.

‘’Our lives are inextricably linked. We belong to one another. We hope that our dream will resonate with yours and you will join us in our commitment to creating health, awareness, love and peace’’

–   Team MasterMind Training

Workshop Coordinates

Contribution/Fee: Rs. 1900

What all does this fee include: (includes Course material – Manual and meditation audios)