Dates: APRIL 3-5, 2015

Duration of Workshop: 9.30-5.30 P.M. ON ALL DAYS

About the Workshop:

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Gifts from the Shadows

With an emphasis on what it means to be a Man and a Woman

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”- Carl Jung

Shadow is the unacknowledged or repressed part of our personality. While our Persona is the superior part of our consciousness that we accept and express, shadow is the inferior side of the same. Our shadow personality is often obvious to others but unknown to us.

The term “shadow” was first used by Carl G. Jung to describe the repressed or denied part of the Self.

The acceptance of oneself in complete wholeness is the epitome of personal growth. This process may be painful to begin with but becomes very liberating once we discover that the shadow is also a source of energy and vitality. This process can liberate the collective shadows and ignite the fire of creativity in our organizations.

This time we decided to explore a further dimension, about being a Man or a Woman. This is suppressed in many societies and put into the collective shadow. We believe this is at the core of much of the gender related violence we experience in the world.

More and more we see men being asked to be apologetic for being a man and women who seem to disown their feminine side. No doubt it is a reaction to centuries of gender imbalance. But perhaps the answer is not this, but is more counterintuitive.


The workshop will use many approaches to tap into the world of the shadow to achieve self-acceptance, release the energies held by the shadow to become more “whole” and liberated as a person.

Our shadow personality is often obvious to others but unknown to us.The program will therefore use the group as a resource for our exploration with methods like T-group and Appreciative Inquiry. Creative use of dreams, Theatre, drawing, music, writing and rituals will also be used.

Benefits/ Take-Always of the Workshop:

The first two days of the workshop would be a learning opportunity for you to:

Achieve self-acceptance, release the energies held by the shadow to become more “whole” and liberated as a person. To stand more in your power.

  1. Learn and understand the impact of “shadow work” for personal and group life
  2. On the third day of the workshop, we will specifically explore this dimension of our shadow that will help us to integrate the masculine and feminine in all of us.


The workshop is offered to anyone who wishes to take the adventure of discovering one’s shadow. This program is offered to those who have an exposure to human process work.

Facilitator Details


R SANKARASUBRAMANYAN (Sankar) is a professional member of Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science (ISABS) and NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, USA. He is currently the Director of ChangeWorks, a boutique leadership and Change Management Consulting organization based out of Mumbai, India (

Sankar has led Appreciative Inquiry based change management for corporations as well as in the development sector focused on organizational development, leadership, culture and institution building. Currently, Sankar is involved in the quest for constructing the language for accepting and celebrating personal, group and institutional shadows. This work is a confluence of social construction approaches, along with Appreciative Inquiry, Jungian work and other approaches to personal growth like T-group, Theatre and percept psychology of John and Joyce Weir.

WASUNDHARA JOSHI (Wasundhara) sees her mission in this world as one to help bring wellbeing and health to individuals, organisations and communities.

Wasundhara is trained and has considerable experience in using Appreciative Inquiry for change management in organisations, and communities and groups in both the corporate as well as the development sector. She is also a coach, and uses Appreciative Coaching to help individuals grow and become who they can be. She has a particular interest in the health and wellbeing of women and children and has been a founding member and Executive Director of SNEHA (The Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action), a not-for-profit organization based out of Mumbai which works with these public health issues (

She uses her passion for art, music, movement, dance and theater to experience the wholeness and the beauty of the experience and making meaning of one’s existence and life’s purpose.

Workshop Coordinates

FEES: Rs. 8000.00 only. The program fee includes tuition and classroom materials, lunch and conference teas. The program will be non-residential. You will have to make your own arrangements for stay in case you are from outside the city of Mumbai.

Contact Details:

Life Positive Soul Space
G-4, Ackruti Center Point, MIDC
Andheri East, Mumbai – 400 059

Phone: (022) 4103 1000 ;; Pooja Valeja +91 9819077263;