Name of Workshop: ‘Healing Power of forgiveness’

Dates: Sat, 4th April

Duration of Workshop: 3 hours

Timings: 9.30 am to 12.30 pm

About the Workshop:

Forgive and Forget” is a common phrase that we’ve all heard and probably said, but does it make sense? Of course, we’ve also all been wronged and been wrong. From the moment we learn to talk, we’re taught to say we’re sorry. We learn to apologize, but do we ever learn to forgive?

Forgiveness is an important topic worth exploring, especially in the context of health relationships and overall well-being.

A recent study report from Stanford says, ”Forgiveness changes your Physiology, Psycology and impacts your Career, including your ability to attract the right job and partner/companion.”

When you hold resentment and anger/bitterness towards another person or event you are bound to that person and situation by an emotional link…a link so strong that you keep bringing more such situations and people into your life…Forgiveness is a very powerful way to resolve and break that link

Benefits/ Take-Aways of the Workshop:

You will learn some practical tools & techniques to:

– Release past hurt & painful memories

– Forgive the seemingly Unforgivable and find peace in any situation

– Learn A powerful -Hawaiin problem solving technique of ‘Hooponopono’ to clear painful memories that keep showing up as problems in life

– Gain Energy, Clarity and lightness

– Open and energise your Heart Chakra using Bija mantra & powerful meditation (Heart Chakra is associated with feelings/emotions, as this chakra is opened you will find it easier to forgive and release past grudges & hurt, thereby attracting love and support in your personal & professional life)

Any Pre-requirements/ Warnings: Age group 18 years & Above

Facilitator Details

Name: Karishma Ahuja

Founder MasterMind Training India, Certified Law of Attraction Trainer, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker – Karishma Ahuja is passionate about teaching people about the Universal Laws and Energy of Attraction and Vibration, providing step by step guide on how to apply the principles to experience Love & Healing of the mind body and soul She has produced quality trainings over the last 6 years helping students and adults clear limiting belief’s and release resistances.

‘’Our lives are inextricably linked. We belong to one another. We hope that our dream will resonate with yours and you will join us in our commitment to creating health, awareness, love and peace’’

–  Team MasterMind Training

Workshop Coordinates

Contribution/Fee: Rs.1400

What all does this fee include: (includes Course material – Notes and meditation audios)

Contact Details: G-4, Ackruti Center Point, MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 059
022 4103 1000