Held on 29 Feb to 1 March, 2020 at Zorba the Buddha, MG Road, New Delhi

Saturday, 29th Feb 2020

Mudras for Total Wellness with Abhay Kumar Shah

10:45 am – 6:00 pm

The human body is a powerful, self-healing and self-sustaining mechanism but the knowledge of Mudras for Total Wellness with Abhay Kumar Shah unlocking its wonders got sadly lost over the years.

Mudra shastra or Mudra science is one such esoteric system that is capable of optimizing the physical, mental and emotional health of individuals, through simple hand gestures.
Oriental philosophy established that the whole Universe is created with the energies of the Five Great Elements. The elements of fire, air, water, earth and ether are eternally present in the Cosmos, in the form of pure energies. Every fraction of a moment, exchange of these energies occurs between the Cosmos and the body. Balance in the blend of the energies keeps the body healthy whereas an imbalance creates disease. A Mudra is a gesture created by using our palm and fingers. Mudras help balance the Great Five Elements to keep diseases at bay. They channelise the flow of energy and deliver it to the specific point of Nadi or Chakra. Mudras work on the root of the problem and help to eradicate the issue, leaving no mark, or any side effect.

Facilitator Abhay Kumar Shah is a successful Mudra practitioner for more than 10 years who has established his own method and science of Mudra. His contribution to Mudra Shastra has made this ancient science relevant to the modern world and helped cure the physical and psychological problems of people. He has treated thousands of people with varying diseases with the simple technique of Mudras.

Make Law of Attraction Work for You with Vandana Srivastava

10:45 am – 6:00 pm

Have you ever experienced that sometimes all our efforts towards realising Mudras for Total Wellness with Abhay Kumar Shah our dreams shatter, leaving us clueless about what went wrong. Our prayers don’t get answered and despite our countless efforts we don’t achieve what we aspire for. making us feel bad and helpless. The life we had always envisioned ó seems too difficult for us to ever attain, leaving us wondering whether our dreams would ever come true!

The secret is – we are all under the impact of the Cosmic “Law of Attraction”. Whatever the situation or circumstance we may find ourselves in good or bad, beneficial or detrimental, it has all been attracted to ourselves by us!

We are what our thoughts make us. Sometimes these thoughts play havoc with our belief system ñ creating fears, phobias, assumptions. insecurities, and unworthiness – all of which do not let us lead the life of our dreams. International Master of Law of Attraction, Happiness Coach, Vibration Therapist and renowned Cosmic Healer, Vandana Srivastava claims that any problem can be solved through the correct use of energy.

Vandana creates magic in people’s lives by re-programming their mind, so that they can easily go from stress to success and scarcity to prosperity. Any kind of physical ailment or disease can be healed she believes. Unlike allopathic medicine, Cosmic Healing uses only energy and thoughts as a medium, which has no limitations and heals at a super-fast speed.

Sunday, 1st March 2020

Hasi ki yogshala (Laughter yog) by Jiten Kohli

09:30 am – 10:30 am

We all know that laughter is the best medicine but as we grow older we forget Laughter yog by Jiten Kohli to laugh and start taking medicines morning, noon and night. The number of inventions, advancement in medical science and modernization have failed to cure people of diseases because people ignore the side- effects of poor life-style choices and bad food habits. A good, hearty, pure and joyful laughter has the power to increase your life-span and boost your vitality. As pure and simple laughter is fading out from our life, by learning ìHASYAYOGAî we can fight effectively with all such illnesses.

However, laughing by any means cannot be termed as hasyayoga. The best laughter is laughing like small children when you laugh for no reason. Create inner laugh from deep inside the heart to purify mind, body and soul. Hasyayoga by Jiten Kohli is a complete, refined and unanimously acceptable form of yoga. Hasyayoga is a part of our rich ancient yoga tradition. Hasyayoga guru Dr. Jiten Kohi is the founder of Laughter Club Hasyayoga Kendra and is the Chairman of the Institute of Hasyayoga India. During the First International Hasyayoga Sadhna Conventioní held at Rishikesh, he was elected as Chairman of International Hasyayoga Coordination Committee.

Holistic Medicine for Anti-Ageing by Dr. [Prof] R. K. Tuli

10:45 am – 6:00 pm

Longevity is desired by everyone. But it is important to not only live long, but Integrated Medicine for Anti-ageing by Dr Ravinder K Tuli live healthy, feel well, look good, be productive, and remain useful to others as long as we live. This should be possible at any age with little or easily manageable physical discomfort. Modern medicine does not offer any means to arrest or reverse the effects of biological ageing, or the diseases attributable to ageing. The ‘science’ and ‘art’ that arrest, minimise, or reverse the biological effects of ageing and help people live healthier, happier, and productive life is termed anti-ageing. In this workshop Dr R K Tuli will share all inclusive, integrative, drug-free modalities that are used to reverse the effects of ageing.

Dr. Ravinder K. Tuli is the founder of Society for Holistic Advancement of Medicine “SOHAM”. The centre is dedicated to the promotion of positive health and total wellness, by optimum integration of modern medicine with various officially recognised traditional systems of health. Dr Ravi Tuli has been rewarded with various national and international accolades, including the prestigious Oration and Award for Professional Excellence by Indian Medical Association and Delhi Medical Association

Soul-Work through META Health with Anu Mehta

10:45 am – 6:00 pm

A common person spends most of their life trying to answer questions like “What do Soul-Work through META Health with Anu Mehta I want from life? Why am I suffering this pain or disease? But, in all this the “soul-purpose” is forgotten or neglected.

People want to experience happiness and bliss, but when they are unsuccessful at creating the so called ëbliss,í the failure manifests in the form of mental or physical disease. The Buddha gained enlightenment after he was shaken up by the sight of a sick man, a crippled man, an old man, and a dead man, and then decided to search for the true meaning of life. A deadly disease in the same way makes us see the crippled and ailing person within us, the possibility of death, but also shows the holy being within us, who can help us take self- responsibility for creating good health. This way, our deepest wounds get transformed into our strongest spiritual gifts for ourselves and others in this world. This workshopís purpose is to reveal to you, your real spiritual gifts hidden in the disease and empower you like never before.

Facilitator Anu Mehta is the pioneer and the First Master Trainer in a diagnostics tool called META-Health, Information technology called NES-health and Advanced Clearing Energetics, a therapeutic tool, created by Richard Flook. She also trains people in various emotion releasing techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Re-imprinting and Hypnotherapy.