Magic of Divine Channelled Music

An experiential workshop to connect with the music that is within. Explore your own deeper connect with the music outside…

Experience the magic of divine channelled music… as it opens you to deeper levels of awareness. When opening like this, we open to our inner voice , we connect to our soul song. Sound is what we are born of.

This is your space….come, sing…..and connect with the sound & music that is within and around…and this time do it inside out.

Who can attend ? 

Anybody, of any age, who understands basic English.

What do YOU bring here ?

Any instrument ~ bell , flute, manjira, rattle, drums, Tibetan bowls, a stick with plate/box to play on, or just your very own unique voice!

The workshop:

Through a series of fun filled sessions , opening up to listen to music deeply ~ Bringing in awareness of music within ~ Experiencing Divine channelled music ~ Building self awareness with tuning Into the channelled music with intention ~ Experiencing the blissful state of opening your 5 senses to the vibrations of music inside out.

Know Your Facilitator:

Shivani , a mystic , an intuitive healer, a Reiki Master and a Devotee of the Divine Feminine…channels DivineMusic.

Shivani is rooted in music, coming from a family of well known musicians . She is a trained singer in Hindustani classical & light music forms.

Shivani, blessed with a sonorous voice, reaches the heart’s deepest spaces, always singing from her heart.

Her performances have enthralled audiences in India & abroad. She has also lent her voice to some Sindhi films & ballets , Hindi jingles and TV serials.

She was awarded the Sindhi Gaurav Award in 2010 for her contribution to the Sindhi Music diaspora.

Shivani has been blessed with the discovery of her deepest musical gifts & is now offering them to the world as her Divine purpose.

Workshop Coordinates:

Date: 28th November 2014
Time: 6:30pm onwards
Venue: Life Positive Soul Space, G-4, Ackruti Center Point, MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai
Contribution: Complimentary
Contact Person:  Pooja Valeja (09819077263, 022-41031000)