People behind the mission

Mr D R Kaarthikeyan, Chairman
The former director-general of India’s National Human Rights Commission and former chief of the Central Bureau of Investigation, D R Kaarthikeyan has served in various capacities in the Government of India, including postings outside the country. He is informally associated with many Indian spiritual organisations.
Mr Aditya Ahluwalia, Managing Trustee
A businessman with an abiding interest in spirituality, especially Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy and his vision of a New Man, Aditya Ahluwalia wished to contribute in his own way to the betterment of humanity and the world through Life Positive. He also took the lead in starting the website
Mr V Venkat, Director
V Venkat has been with the organisation since its inception and has nurtured its growth and success. His commitment to positive living and to help establish a caring society spurs him and his team to greater heights.
Shivi Verma, Editor, Life Positive Magazine
Shivi is passionate about spirituality and personal growth. She considers working for Life Positive a part of her mission to serve this planet and the people living on it. She believes in practising what one preaches and prefers to apply on herself most of the values propagated by the magazine.
Mr. Parveen Chopra, Ms Suma Varughese, Mr. Mark Tully, Ms. Kiran Bedi, Mr. Madhavan Nambiar, Mr. SD Saxena, Ms. Manisha Verma, Ms. Shruti Poddar, Ms. Ameeta Mehra and Mr. Hamid Ahmed