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Dates: 27TH MARCH 2015

Duration of Workshop: FULL DAY

Timings: 9 AM TO 6 PM

About the Workshop:

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The cut-throat competition and so much information overload is forcing people to learn a lot. Ironically people spend time learning everything but without learning HOW to learn. They hardly spend time learning how to use the brain. Ultimately, the BRAIN is the manager of all your knowledge and learning.

Brainival is an intensive training that helps you efficiently use your brain. It empowers you with knowledge of how your brain functions. It teaches brain friendly methods of learning. Learning anything becomes super-fast and super-easy for anybody who has attended the BRAINIVAL.

Memory, Reading, Thinking are all considered as laborious activities for the brain by many people. No more for you.

Brainival will mark the beginning of a life-long celebration of your Brain.

What You Will Learn:

Module 1: Power of Mind Mapping

The Mind Map is a visual representation of the thought process that became instantly popular as a creative, innovative and efficient alternative to linear notation.
The Mind Map is an adaptable tool for just about anything: planning, organizing, creating, presenting, problem solving, communicating and many more!
Just the way your brain works, Mind Mapping allows ideas to radiate from a central focus while providing a holistic picture of the situation.

This program looks at the practical application of Mind Maps. You will learn to:

  • Unlock the power of radiant thinking by knowing how the brain really works
  • Develop Mind Maps that capture complete concepts
  • Capture and comprehend information easily with greater completeness and clarity
  • Use Mind maps to develop new ideas
  • Use Mind Mapping to plan activities of all types – personal, study and work related
  • Create Mind Maps that organize information coming in and out of your head
  • Create Group Mind Maps that engage and empower team collaboration and creativity

By understanding the way the brain really works and applying the Laws of Mind Mapping to organize and develop thinking, Mind Maps help to:

  • Plan assignments, projects and other activities in a fraction of the time normally needed
  • Work creatively either individually or in a team to generate innovative new ideas on demand
  • Communicate issues, ideas and concepts easily and quickly
  • Study more effectively and significantly improve learning results
  • Capture and comprehend vast amounts of information relevant to their focus

Module 2: Memory Techniques

Ever wished you could remember more? Memory has been revealed as the number one problem for most individuals. Having excellent memory enhances your chance at success, because when you train your memory and train your imagination, there is a remarkable increase in concentration, comprehension, recall and creativity.

In education and at work, memorizing anything has always been considered as a laborious task. By knowing the simple human language of Imagination and Association, you will learn very simple techniques to memorize long lists. You will understand the Science of Memory. By knowing how memory works and what humans remember or forget, understand and misunderstand, you can plan your presentations, interviews, meetings, exams in a much better and efficient way.

Learn the way your memory and brain function and the techniques used by world record holders in memory.

Learn powerful and proven memory skills that will help you:

  • Develop an understanding of why and how memory is the key to your success
  • Discover how “The Most Important Graph in the World” is a guarantee of personal and business success
  • Use key memory principles to become more positively memorable
  • Learn methods and techniques that enhance short and long term memory
  • Develop the skill of remembering names with faces
  • Understand how to achieve up to 80% increase in retention of future learning

This One Day Course is backed by science and you will learn techniques used since thousands of years. It is designed to involve you and let you experience your memory and creativity get better over the day. You will walk out with a great memory recall. With practice, you’ll be even better. This program also teaches techniques to increase information absorption and recall.

When and Where:

Date: 27th March 2015
Time: 9 am to 6 pm
Venue: Life Positive Soul Space, G-4, Ackruti Centre Point, MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai

Registration Fees: Rs. 5,200/-

Group Discounts available for 3 or more registrations.

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Any Pre-requirements/ Warnings:

Facilitator Details


India’s First and Only Wealth-Wisdom-Wellness Coach and Trainer with a mission to make YOU prosper!
▷ Chartered Accountant
▷ Masters in Financial Management
▷ Certified Financial Planner
▷ Cost Accountant
▷ Associate Certified Coach from International Coach Federation
▷ Certified Prosperity Life Coach from Symbiosis Coaching, USA
▷ Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
▷ India’s First Certified Brainival Facilitator from Think Genius
▷ Certified Memory Trainer from Musical Windows
▷ 13th Rank holder in Indian Open Adult Memory Championship 2014
▷ Certified Fitness Trainer from K11 Fitness Academy

 Workshop Coordinates

Contribution/Fee: Rs. 5,200

Contact Details: Contact Person: MEHERNOSH RANDERIA

Phone Number: 9820346422    E-mail: