ACCESS BARS workshop especially for KIDS and their issues (exams, bullying, focus, more ease with everything)

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Name of Workshop: ACCESS  BARS workshop especially for KIDS and their issues (exams, bullying, focus, more ease with everything)

Dates: 05/10/2014

Duration of Workshop: All Day

Timings: 9:30 am till 6:30 pm

About the Workshop:

The Bars are 32 points on the head that when gently touched dispel any limitations, fixed points of view, and any stuck energy in your world.

The Bars have helped kids around the world to worry less about school, get better grades, calm mind chatter, create a sense of space and ease and generally improve well being. They are also extremely effective when dealing with OCD, ADD and ADHD.

Kids run Bars faster than adults so this class can range from 2-8hrs depending on the group learning.

Benefits/ Take-Aways of the Workshop:

Children love having their bars run!  So many children are so much happier and feel so much better and do so much better in school and at home.


  • tend to sleep better,
  • get along with peers better,
  • get in less trouble,
  • have more play dates,
  • have fewer tantrums and outbursts, and when they do, the outbursts don’t last nearly as long!

Times that used to be difficult – mornings, evenings, homework, chores – typically lose their charge and are much easier to maneuver. In fact, many of them ask their parents to run their bars “Mommy, will you do that thing on my head.

Any Pre-requirements/ Warnings:None!

Facilitator Details

Name: Kashmira Elavia

Brief description about the facilitator, background and work done so far:
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Kashmira Elavia is an Access Bars Facilitator and has been practicing the tools of Access Consciousness since the past 2 years. She is also a Certified Angel Card reader and an Angel and Crystal Therapist. It’s in the past five years that she has developed her psychic abilities and is now comfortable with acknowledging the Power that she is blessed with. Prior to this she was in the Customer Service industry and has worked with call-centers of Banks (J P Morgan Chase, and Standard Chartered Bank), 3G Australia, ICICI First Source, Insurance sector and the advertising industry. Throughout her corporate career she has been applauded for her outstanding Customer Service and sales track record. While interacting with people the one thing that always fascinated her was a feeling of doing something Above and Beyond the Call of Duty for the Customer. And it is with the same zeal that she now facilitates her workshops and interactions with her clients. She is now going places, taking her tools of ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS to reach more and more people and spread awareness about this phenomenal transformation modality

Workshop Coordinates


Investment in YOU: Rs.7500 + 500 for adults

Rs.3750 + 500 for Repeat attendees and adolescents 16-18 yrs

Children upto 15 yrs only pay Rs.500/-

(When accompanied by an adult participant)

What all does this fee include:

Energy exchange includes Bars Manual, Head charts with photos illustrating each point, Work sheets and Meals

Contact Details:

Contact Person: Kashmira Elavia Phone Number: 9920800179



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