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Workshop Details

Name of Workshop:ACCESS  BARS


Duration of Workshop: 7-8 hours


(Please note, if the timings differ on different days, please mention the timings separately for each day.)

About the Workshop:
Access Bars workshop is the basic level of ACCESS  CONSCIOUSNESS  where the participant  opens oneself  to change, possibilities  and accessing more consciousness and  awareness.

Its also where one opens to a lot of ease and joy by holding points on head which are related to different aspects of life like health, money, creativity etc, there are 32 points on our head which when held open our life to a lot of ease and possibilities

It is also where one is opened to the realm of  using questions to create change in ones life

It brings relaxation and more awareness to choices,, positivity.

Manual with headchart

A easy way of how to shift disturbing  thoughts ideas to a more easy way of  calm and peace.

To shift from stress to joy and ease

To create more abundance and break free of  limitations.

Certificate of completion of Access Bars class which enables one to gift bars for a charge and also

access to free  access swaps.

Multiple tools for easy handling of issues

Facilitator Details

Name:DR Swati  KINI

Brief description about the facilitator, background and work done so far:
Please also attach an image.

Homoeopath  E.F.T practitioner ,Matrix Reimprinting practitioner

Certified  Access  Bars Facilitator

Workshop Coordinates

Contribution/Fee: RS 8000 for first timers  ,Rs 4300 for repeaters /kids below 15 only meal

charges Rs 500

Kids between 15—17 Rs 4300

What all does this fee include: breakfast ,lunch light snacks tea coffee ,material  like bars manual Headchart ,, certificate of completion of one bars class

Contact Details: Contact Person: DR Swati Kini

Phone Number: 9870531116  E-mail: swati.kini70 @gmail .com


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