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Acupressure for Total Wellness by Ketan Shah

Acupressure is a leading alternative therapy. A non-invasive modality, it can be practised after basic training by anyone and has practically no side-effects. With acupressure, we can successfully cure the most dreaded health problems like heart ailments, knee and back pain, acidity, migraine, asthma, arthritis and many more.Ketan Shah is one of the most celebrated acupressure therapists in the country today and enjoys a long _ standing association with Life Positive. He is passionate about acupressure and sees nothing as beyond it, be it Parkinsons, diabetes or cancer. He conducts workshops and seminars all over the world to empower people to self-heal. Apart from India, he has successfully treated people across continents_over a lakh in 28 countries like Kenya, Dubai, UK, USA and Australia. Ketan Shah turned to acupressure after battling the agony caused by gangrene, a botched-up appendicitis surgery and healed himself.

Past life Regression by Yuvraj Kapadia

Past life regression is your ticket to previous lifetimes, which you visit to find the source of the problems effecting present. The process engenders deep shift in a person at a very fundamental level. From healing emotional blocks, spiritual wounds to physical ailments, PLR is a one-stop shop for resolving all issues. People leave the workshop transformed and empowered,  having experienced deep understanding and catharsis. Your facilitator Yuvraj Kapadia is the Chief Executive Officer of EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation, formerly known as CHII  ºCalifornia Hypnosis Institute of India and IAOL- International Academy of Life, IndiaΩ. Apart from practising past life therapy, clinical hypnotherapy and integrated healing he is also trained in spirit release, crystal healing, and spiritual hypnosis. He is one of the five trainers worldwide teaching transpersonal regression therapy.

He has been teaching these modalities for the past 10 years in India, UAE, Hong Kong, Nairobi and USA.

He was trained in clinical hypnotherapy by Dr. Sunny Satin of CHI (USA) did his specialization in transpersonal regression therapy under Hans Tendam and Marion Boon from Tasso Institute (Netherlands).

Mind and Health Management by Dr BK Chandrashekhar

Psycho-Neurobic exercises are designed to maintain mental fitness, strength and flexibility of the brain, and the whole neuro-system of the body. When we involve our psyche in all activities, it removes neuro-emotional blockages from the neuro-system, allowing the full flow of pranic energy in the body, thus raising its strength and flexibility. This system of healing is totally natural without any side effects.

Dr Chandra Shekhar is a Rajyogi, Psycho Neurobic Specialist, propounder of SIGFA Healing Concept, an international Mind and Memory Trainer, and author of more than 15 books on mind, memory and healing power. He has conducted more than 4,000 workshops and seminars in India and abroad on memory techniques, mind power, stress management and psycho neurobic exercises for mind-body-spirit fitness and holistic health. His life is a living example of self-healing. He has survived two major life-threatening diseases, cancer and Hepatitis C, through the practical application of Psycho – Neurobics and Rajyoga.

NLP by Ameeta Sanghavi Shah 

Neuro Linguistic programming is about changing the way you talk to your subconscious mind. A place which gets you all the results you want. Since most of us are unaware of the language the subconscious mind understands, we often botch up our lives. In this one-day workshop learn this very important language to dictate your terms to your subconscious and get desired results. As you access your powers, you can release your blockages and increase your vibrational frequency to manifest abundance in your life. Have greater control, stay motivated and resourceful and strengthen your relationships through NLP.

Facilitator Ameeta Sanghavi Shah is an accomplished NLP practitioner who also does family therapy, past life regression, EFT, hypnotherapy, energy psychology, tarot and Reiki. She believes that humans are multidimensional beings who can access the metaphysical and physical domains through the energy of love to meet all their challenges thereby restoring wellness. She has conducted a range workshops on topics such as relationships, parenting, couple communications, working with emotions and transforming stress and disease to wellness.

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Accupressure, Past Life Regression

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Mind Management, Neurolinguistic Programming


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