Heal Emotional Stress in Relationships

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Date: 20th August 2017

Time: 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Venue: Zorba The Buddha, MG Road, Near Ghitorni Metro Station, New Delhi

Price: Rs. 3500/-

Contact Details: Abhishek: 9910509678, 011-49563777

Discover the secrets of your hidden emotions and mental programs from Suzy Singh, Master Therapist of the Subconscious Mind, Karma Coach & Author of the forthcoming book, 7 Karma codes.

This is what a practitioner of the technique has to say:

“When you start processing your emotions regularly, you find that what you were earlier terrified of, you can now bear quite comfortably. So now, nothing in the world frightens you anymore. You learn to bear the greatest shocks in life and you know it will all pass through you easily.”

Take-Aways from the Workshop:

  •  Learn to manage your feelings better so they don’t damage your physical & mental health.
  •  Learn to manage relationship conflicts more skillfully
  •  Develop stronger Emotional Immunity
  •  Understand yourself & your feelings better
  •  Balance your emotional needs
  •  Learn to calm yourself when you are stressed or worried about something
  •  Learn to face your fears
  • Learn to create a more harmonious environment in your family

About The Facilitator:

Suzy has had a most fascinating personal journey. Eighteen years into an adrenaline-filled career in advertising, she quit her job to focus on her passion and spiritual calling, to help heal the personal & collective consciousness. Soon after, she met with a terrible car crash, causing her Near Death Experience, which further accelerated her deep desire to discover the secrets of how life works.

As a therapist and healer, Suzy has extensive clinical experience in many healing methods.

Her contributions have helped innumerable people across the globe to experience breakthroughs from disease, achieve personal transformation, find clarity, overcome depression and, resolve relationship complexities. She also has, many published articles to her credit.


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