International Healing Festival 2024

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Reikhi Healing Money Consciousness Divine Union ETF

Life Positive Healing Festival, 2024 – Celebrating 25 years of Life Positive


About the workshop and facilitators:

Day 1, February 24, 2024(Saturday)

Reiki Healing with Dr. N. K. Sharma and Dr. Savita Sharma

Shruti Nada Poddar Reiki is a miraculous divine gift present in every human being which can be effectively used to heal oneself, others and almost everything and anything in the Universe either distant or nearby, be it plants, animals, food, living, or non-living beings. It is an ancient form of Tibetan healing rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui (an allopathic physician and surgeon) of Japan. It is a simple yet a powerful technique that can be learned and practised by anyone. Pronounced as ‘ray-key’ it is a type of divine, pure and positive energy which is capable of healing everything and anything that one can think of. Facilitators Dr. N. K. Sharma & Dr. Savita Sharma have transformed millions of lives with their Midas touch! With their ‘practice-what-you-preach’ attitude, they have scientifically unveiled numerous hitherto mystical secrets and freed innumerable people from the complex webs of myths, doubts, diseases, suffering, black magic, superstitions, planetary fears and fake gurus. Their amazing Reiki workshops have made people masters of their destiny.

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Divine Union- Marrying the Shiva and Shakti Within by Hitesh Vashisht

Divine Union- Marrying the Shiva and Shakti Within by Hitesh Vashisht Within each man and woman exists the Shiva (Masculine) and Shakti (Feminine) energies. The combination of these energies helps us to stand in our power, liberating us to develop our unique potential and offer our gifts to the world. However, we go through several life challenges that derail us from this Shiva-Shakti Union. Regaining your inner balance enables you to be in the flow of your life and thrive. This workshop is for those men and women who are striving to arrive at inner balance in their lives.

Facilitator, Hitesh is the author of the best seller, Sundaram Speaks-Conversations to Awaken Your Soul’s Wisdom. He is an Internationally Certified and Licensed Consciousness Coach with a decade and half of experience in the field of human behaviour. He is trained in many complementary healing modalities, like Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Life Between Lives Regression, Family Constellation, Ancestral Healing, Rebirthing Breathwork to name a few. With more than 500 workshops, he, along with his wife, Shubhangi Sharma, has helped his clients in finding meaning and purpose in their lives.

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Day 2, February 25, 2024(Sunday)

Money Consciousness by Dr Raman Deep Kaur

Money Consciousness by Dr Raman Deep Kaur Money is directly related to how you envisage your life. Money is a frequency. Once we are in tune with this frequency, we can create abundance in all spheres of our lives. When you are clear about your objectives, and desires it works well. If you are not clear and are confused, money does not grow. It multiplies only with a positive mindset of welcoming it as a friend. In this workshop Dr Ramandeep will teach you how to vibrate at your best money frequency and attract abundance into your life. Dr Raman Deep Kaur, PhD (Metaphysics), is an International-Coach-Federation-certified Holistic Transformation Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach. She is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Trainer, a Reiki Master and an Access Consciousness Facilitator. She has trained with Louise L Hay, Robin Sharma and Dr Joe Vitale.

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Emotional Freedom Technique by Meetu Sehgal

Emotional Freedom Technique by Meetu Sehgal In this workshop you will understand the concept of EFT as well as the wide range of physical and emotional issues for which it is effective. You will learn methods to get to the core issues and emotional reasons behind diseases. A working knowledge of EFT and its applications for beginners will be shared. You can use EFT to reduce stress, stop the spiral of negative thoughts and heal emotional upsets and physical pain like headaches, and backaches. Facilitator Meetu Sehgal is an EFT Trainer, Personal Transformation and Emotional Wellness Coach, Tarot Reader, Author, Intuitive Healer and Counselling Psychologist. She offers personal sessions, trainings,on EFT, Inner Child Work (Matrix Re-imprinting), NLP, Tarot, Reiki and Angel Therapy.

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  25. Suguna Saraswati

    Review For : TOVAA Introduction

  26. Pankaj Patel

    Review For: TOVAA Introduction

  27. Manali Shah

    Review For: TOVAA Introduction

  28. Vispi Parekh

    Review For: TOVAA Introduction

  29. Punam Kumari

    Review For: The Life Positive Healing Fest 2023 – Delhi
    My overall experience of the “Trans-Generational Healing” workshop during the LifePositive Festival was life changing. I am very much happy with the arrangements and efforts put in by the organisers

  30. Dharampal Goswami

    Review For: The Life Positive Healing Fest 2023 – Delhi
    The workshop on “Millionaire Mind Unlimited” during the LifePositive Festival was an eye opener. It was a great learning experience as it removed lots of misconception about money

  31. Sachin Shashidharan

    Review For: The Life Positive Healing Fest 2023 – Delhi
    The workshop -“Have the happiest day of your life -Joyshop” during the LifePositive Festival was the best of all

  32. Laxmanair, Chennai

    Review For: LPISF 2021 Online (on Zoom App)
    LP Festival gave me an opportunity to create a network with people. Happy that I have attended the workshop.

  33. Ghanshyamdas Dasyani, Delhi

    Review For: LPISF 2021 Online (on Zoom App)

    Speakers and Organisers arranged everything for the LP Festival very well. The best part about the workshops was the concept of exchanging ideas amongst the people

  34. Rohit Khurana, Gurgaon

    Arrangements for the LP Festival were excellent and all the workshops were well coordinated

  35. Rakesh Kumar Dabas, Nainital

    During the LP Festival the atmosphere of the venue becomes inspirational and energetic. The workshops are a combination of various universal principles which help to break many mental barriers

  36. Indra Sood

  37. Mrs. Jayadevi Cholayil

  38. Ram Singh Rawat

    Facilitator’s communication for “Past Life Regression Workshop” during the Life Positive Festival was really very good. He was generous enough to share ideas and knowledge which impressed me a lot. Procedures and tools used for the workshop were very logical and scientific.

  39. Pooja Kachroo

    The workshop “The Happiness Joyshop” during the LifePositive Festival has actually helped me to look at things differently. It was very educative and enthusiastic for me

  40. Atul Singh

    The overall experience during the LP Festival was fantastic. It actually helps you to rediscover yourself

  41. Sunneta Malik,Bangalore

    Outstanding efforts of the organisers and excellent workshops

  42. Dr. Mansoor Mirza

    Great Speakers and interactive workshops were the best part for me during the LP Festival

  43. Nafisa T. Samsha

    Arrangements, organisation of the workshops and keynotes addresses during the LP Festival were excellent. Best part was the friendly approach of the organisers and the informal and knowledge-friendly approach of the facilitators

  44. Ira Sisodia

    Everything about the Life Positive Festival was meticulously planned, sticking to the time schedules. The environment was very friendly and absolutely holistic!!!!

  45. Dr. Reyhan

    Festival like this is a good assortment of exposure to the students for different aspects of Holistic Science and Alternate Therapy

  46. K. Venkatsubramaian

    Best part about the LP Festival was the mix of various workshops and choice of the facilitators/speakers. It is so wonderful to interact with several people with positive vibrations

  47. Malvika Sehgaal

  48. K. Venkatsubramaian, Tamil Nadu

    Best part about the LP Festival was the mix of various workshops and choice of the facilitators/speakers. It is so wonderful to interact with several people with positive vibrations

  49. Harsha Paliwal

  50. Sapan Shrimal

    Best part of expo was high involvement of people for the workshops. It was a great blend of various modalities/workshops and arrangements for the same

  51. Arnav

    It’s a wonderful experience to be at the LP Festival

  52. Vikas Khadloya

    The workshop “New Beginning” during the LifePositive Festival was beautifully organised. The organisers were amazingly flexible. The place and ambience were also marvelous

  53. Dr. Asifa Amin

    Workshop “Mind Power Unlimited” was really good. I feel transformed

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