Karma Progenitor of Destiny

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The workshop is about deep study in the law of karma, its origin, application and networking structure in human life.

Will introduce higher esoteric & occult concepts about law of karma and its working in day to day life, including health, relationship, sufferings, riches, etc..

Aimed to leverage higher truths in the participants minds, this one day session will ignite a deep passion for people to take on higher studies of life and introspect within themselves about serious matters of spiritual development.

Will aim to de condition and remove orthodox and superstitious thoughts and misunderstandings of life, that has slaved people in fear & uncertainty for years.

Will include, videos, interactive sessions, case study, self help worksheets and assessments with guidance.

Take-Aways of the Workshop:

  1. Complete understanding of a small portion of the divine justice.
  2. Will form a strong platform for further studies and introspection about higher truths of life
  3. Will clarify most common misconceptions & misunderstandings of life
  4. Unanswered mysteries of life & experiences will be given attention
  5. Will self help and form a nucleus for improvement and self development at a spiritual and mental level for all participants.

Pre-requirements/ Warnings:

Please come with minimal bias conditionings of our mind and this is nothing to do with any culture, religion, or community. Its for humanity as a study and about how the divine law of karma works and networks results.

Know Your Facilitator:

Princey Mehta is an active speaker of theosophical studies (ancient divine wisdom ) and a life member of the Indian Theosophical society.

Has profound knowledge of more than 15 years of deep study in karmic issues, life after death, healing & suffering and higher esoteric truths of life.

Complete vegan in nature, the speaker has influenced, inspired & guided hundreds of people on the path of harmlessness &  spiritual intelligence to revoke wisdom & love in hearts.

Workshop Coordinates:

Date: Saturday, 27th September 2014
Time: 9:30am – 6:00pm
Venue: Life Positive Soul Space, G-4 Ackruti Center Point, MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai
Contribution: Rs.1100
Contact Person: Pooja Valeja/ Simran
Phone Number: 09819077263, 022-41031000
E-mail: pooja@lifepositive.net; hello@lpsoulspace.com


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