Life Positive Expo 2016 – Coimbatore

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Highlights of LIFE POSITIVE EXPO 2016 – Coimbatore

Day 1

Sound Journey by G L Sampoorna

G L Sampoorna is a sensitive therapist, a perceptive life coach, an experienced trainer, and a caring teacher – all rolled in one with over three decades of experience. Sampoorna suggests using the power of a one’s own voice to penetrate psychological blocks and barriers and achieve inner balance. She empowers participants with simple, playful, liberating exercises that balance vibrational frequencies within one self. Sampoorna’s approach is holistic with a psycho-spiritual base, connecting science and logic with intuition and creativity.

Mind Power Unlimited by Sunil Parekh

Sunil Parekh is an International Success Coach, a renowned expert on the Powers of Mind and Human Potential. His transformational workshops on mind power take the participants on a journey of understanding their unlimited potential and learning how to scientifically tap into it for personal and professional success.


Day 2

Alpha Mind Power by Dr Vijayalakshmi Panthaiyan

Dr Vijayalakshmi Panthaiyan, PhD. Psychology (USA) and M.Sc. (Psychology), Madras University, is a mind power trainer and counsellor who has inspired and motivated lakhs of people towards a happy and holistic life. Her experiential workshops enable participants to activate their right brain, and function at the alpha level, thereby tapping into their subconscious minds. The Alpha meditation is a synthesis of psychology, metaphysics, spirituality, and science.

The Pranic Force by Partha Gupta

Partha Gupta is a teacher of breath who has spent 15 years with the corporate and a good part of the last 9 years with the wise men in the mountains. His techniques help one to arrive at the ‘yes’ frequency. The moment a shift in the breath happens, shift in the situation happens. According to him, there are two aspects of the breath. One is life, the other is mind, or prana and oxygen, respectively. A child is zero per cent mind, 100 per cent prana. Adults are 50 per cent breath and 50 per cent mind. A totally depressed person is just breathing oxygen. There is no pranic element in his breath.


Come and unveil the hitherto dominant power within. Coimbatore is waiting!

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Mind Power Unlimited -Sunil Parekh, GL Sampoorna


Alpha Mind Power-Vijayalakshmi Panthiyan, The Secrets of Breath-Partha Gupta


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