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Dynamic Workshops

Acupressure for Total Wellness by Ketan Shah

Acupressure is a leading alternative therapy. A noninvasive modality, it can be practised after basic training by anyone, and has practically no side-effects. With acupressure, we can successfully cure the

most dreaded health problems like heart problems, knee joint and back pain, acidity, migraine, asthma, arthritis and many more. Ketan Shah is one of the most celebrated acupressure therapists in the country today and enjoys a long _ standing association with Life Positive. He is passionate about acupressure and sees nothing as beyond it, be it Parkinsons, diabetes or cancer. He conducts workshops and seminars all over the world to empower people with self-healing. Apart from India, he has successfully treated people across continents over a lakh in 28 countries like Kenya, Dubai, UK, USA and Australia. Ketan Shah turned to acupressure after battling the agony caused by gangrene and a botched-up appendicitis surgery and healed himself.

Developing Mind and Healing Power by Dr BK Chandrashekhar

Psycho Neurobic exercises are designed to maintain mental fitness, strength and flexibility of the brain, and the whole neuro-system of the body. When we involve our psyche in all activities, it removes neuro-emotional blockages from the neuro-system, allowing the full flow of pranic energy in the body, thus raising its strength and flexibility. This system of healing is totally natural without any side effects. Dr Chandra Shekhar is a Rajyogi, Psycho Neurobic Specialist, propounder of SIGFA Healing Concept, an international Mind and Memory Trainer, and author of more than 15 books on mind, memory and healing power. He has conducted more than 4,000 workshops and seminars in India and abroad on memory techniques, mind power, stress management and psycho neurobic exercises for mind-body-spirit fitness and holistic health. His life is a living example of self-healing. He has survived two major life-threatening diseases – cancer and Hepatitis C, through the practical application of Psycho Neurobics and Rajyoga.

A Taste of Access Consciousness by Aditi Surti

The workshop will cover an introduction to Access Consciousness, limitations that we function from, consciousness exercises to receive more from everything in the universe; energetic clearing that bypasses the mind and clears blocks, and Access Bars _ a tool that can change lifetimes of issues in one sitting! We have bars on our skull which on touching release conditioning of thousands of years from our mind which come in the way of success, happiness and growth. The bonus would be loads of clearing around issues with body, food, weight, diseases, health problems, and disability. Aditi Surti is a gifted and intuitive healer with a deep understanding of human emotions, the energy psyche and the egoist mind. Her sessions are based on honesty, clarity, compassion and love. She combines her background in spirituality and meditative practices with knowledge of mainstream and alternative therapies to provide a holistic approach to her clients. Her techniques range from contemporary to ancient and the most traditional to unorthodox.

Body Mind Programming by Dr KN Krishnaswamy and Raj Kumar Dham

Body Mind Programming (BMP) is a scientific tool for programming through suggestion, affirmation, meditation, and yoga. It helps youdevelop desired habits and attitudes and overcome undesired ones in order to improve the quality of your life. It also helps you find creative solutions to your problems, overcome disease, pain, and suffering in order to lead a peaceful and happy life, and learn and develop any skill you need in order to accomplish your mission in life. Dr KN Krishnaswamy, M.E, PhD (II Sc.) retired as Professor of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. He is the author of the books, Research Methodology in Management, 2006 and Case Studies in Operations Management, 2007.He has a deep interest in Vedanta, yoga and Bhagavad Gita. Raj Kumar Dham, B.E., Sc; MD (AM) is a motivational trainer. He is a trustee of the Institute of Health and Cosmic Harmony dedicated to spreading holistic health. He is an entrepreneur, trainer and a yoga master. His book Your Back is the Backbone of your Health was published by the Institute of Health and Cosmic Harmony, 1996. Both are Founder Members of the Atmabodh Center for Learning and Healing, Bengaluru.

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Pay only  Rs. 5000/- for two one-day workshops. The investment is inclusive of
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Single Day: Acupressure for Total Wellness, Single Day ; A Taste of Access Consciousness, Single Day : Developing Mind and Healing Power, Single Day Body Mind Programming, Acupressure for Total Wellness And Developing Mind and Healing Power, Acupressure for Total Wellness And Body Mind Programming, A Taste of Access Consciousness And Developing Mind and Healing Power, A Taste of Access Consciousness And Body Mind Programming


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