Mandala – Healing Art Workshop




Mandala – Healing Art Workshop

Guided by Karlette Joseph, this workshop intends to harmonize the mind, body, spirituality and art, to give each participant the opportunity to heal themselves while learning a modern twist to the ancient art of making Mandalas.

The goal of the mandala is to serve as a meditative tool on our spiritual journey. The Mandala is visually appealing so as to absorb the mind in such a way that chattering thoughts cease. This allows the analytical mind to take a break and permit our creative brain to come out and play. What follows is an altered state, which encourages constructive healing, offers an insight into ourselves and our lives besides helping us connect with our higher self.

Objective: – To learn the art of making Mandalas
– To gain an art perspective into the chakras in our bodies
– To learn to heal yourself and let go of unnecessary emotional baggagethrough spiritual art
– No prior knowledge of art required
– Anyone above the age of 15 is allowed to attend

Things each participant needs to carry/wear:

– Wear light coloured, extremely comfortable clothes
– A4 size blank drawing book, compass which has a pencil at one side, 12 – 15 inch transparent ruler, colour pencil 12 colours set, one regular pencil, sharpener, gel
coloured ball point pens (few colours), eraser, examination board for support.

Know Your Facilitator:

 The workshop will be conducted by Karlette Joseph. Karlette is a Reiki Master of light. She has a strong interest in Philosophy, spirituality and is an abstract artist, a spiritual counsellor with a passion for nature and wildlife photography. (
Workshop Coordinates:
Date- 25th January 2014

Event – Mandala Healing Art Workshop

Facilitator- Karlette Joseph

Time- 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Energy Exchange- Rs 600

Venue: Life Positive Soul Space, G-4, Ackruti Center Point, MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai

Contact Person:  Pooja Valeja ; Contact Number: 09819077263, 022-41031000

This workshop has limited seats so please register at the earliest. The registration is not cancellable. Mobiles are STRICTLY to be switched off throughout the workshop.


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