Wellness and Self-realization through Music and Art

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Sound Therapy Art Therapy

Wellness and Self-realisation through Music and Art – Celebrating 25 years of Life Positive

About The Venue: Ramgarh Shekhawati tucked in the Aravallis is a decorated town in the district of Sikar, Rajasthan. Known for its ancient havelis, cenotaphs (chhatris) and exquisite frescos, Ramgarh Shekhawati is a historic marvel one must visit. Founded by the Poddar family in 1791, Ramgarh emerged as one of the richest towns in the 18th and 19th centuries, developed by the wealthy seths (businessmen), also called ‘Ramgarh Sethan.’ Adorned with breathtaking murals and stunning frescoes, the walls of this heritage town are a sight to behold and are rightfully called the ‘Open art gallery’ of Rajasthan. Furthermore, Ramgarh’s mansions, aka havelis, and their unique cenotaphs, or chhatris, with intricate paintings are a dazzling wonder, narrating the glorious history and craftsmanship of the bygone era.

The Vedaaranya Haveli and MOHAR ((Museum of Heritage and Art at Ramgarh) of Ramgarh Shekhawati have been beautifully restored by Dr Shruti Nada Poddar, an educationist and heritage conservationist who decided to resurrect her ancestral home and bring it back from the throes of ruin in 2013.

Dr Shruti has successfully revived the forgotten art and artisans by converting these heritage havelis into cultural and healing homestays that host people, events, and festivals. Numerous seekers, explorers, and art connoisseurs throng this place to connect to their rich past and attend workshops and retreats held by celebrated artists, performers, and healers.

Every nook and corner of Ramgarh Shekhawati oozes history, heritage, and tradition. The famous Poddar Chhatri built by the Poddars in 1872 will leave you enthralled. The ceilings of these domes are embellished with captivating frescoes based on varied themes from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the devotional tales of Radha Krishna, and the Mughal and the Raj eras, replete with royal elephants and horses going to battle or even quirky glimpses from daily life.

The participants also stand to visit the only Veda temple in India, a temple which houses the revered Vedas—the foundation of Hindu spiritual philosophy. The Veda temple, a temple honouring Vedic knowledge, was built by Seth Jainarayan Poddar in the 1800s. It is the highest point in Ramgarh, also called the Shikhar Bandh, and has now been revived for people to visit and take cognisance of their spiritual heritage.

Life Positive feels extremely privileged to offer its natural healing and wellness retreat in this heritage haven. Participating in this music- and art-filled healing festival in Vedaaranya is like getting a ticket to travel back in time. To breathe and experience history like never before and to occupy spaces where a bygone era unfolds, unravelling the mysteries of yore. A dream come true for many!

This fascinating retreat will be held from the 14th to the 18th of October 2023 at the Vedaaranya and MOHAR Haveli.




About the workshop and facilitators:

Immerse yourself in myriad colours and soulful sounds to heal and nourish your body-mind and access the deepest parts of your soul. Dr Shruti will hold a Vibrational Healing workshop for the participants, where she will take them on a blissful sound journey composed of healing seed sounds. Shilpi, an artist and a painter par excellence, will give you the opportunity to heal your stress by giving expression to your inner child through a play of colours. So, pick that brush up, dab it in colour, and unleash your inner artist in this special retreat. No prior experience in music or art is required.

Vibrational Healing by Shruti Nada Poddar

Shruti Nada PoddarWhen sound energies are produced at their very primordial level, they can restore the homeostasis of the human body-mind, heal deep-rooted ailments, and infuse a person with a higher vibratory frequency. Who hasn’t felt the cosmic reverberations of the Shiv Tandav Stotram, the chants of Aum, or the Sanskrit hymns created in the praise of the Creator? We relate so deeply with them because they resonate with our own cellular frequency. Knowing this, the facilitator, Dr Shruti Nada Poddar, created Nada Vibronics, a vibrational healing ecosystem that applies vibrational technologies to cure diseases and empower people through consultancies, workshops, and retreats.

Dr Shruti’s healing music is used worldwide to heal mind-body conditions and specific diseases. She is also the winner of the BMW Simply Unstoppable Award in 2018 and the FICCI Tourism Award in 2019 for her special contribution to the Tourism Industry. She received the Delhi Ratna Award in 2003 for her pioneering work with spiritual healing music, and an NRI award for International Cultural Relations. She received an Honorary Doctorate in 2017 for her pioneering contributions to the field of education and wellness.

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Self-discovery through Art by Shilpi Pratap

Self-discovery through Art by Shilpi PratapArt is not only about beauty and self-expression but also about healing, therapy, and self-discovery. In this era full of busyness and tight schedules, art helps you pause, reflect, and come back to yourself. Art creates a safe space for people to observe, introspect, and be in a state of flow.

Realising the power of art in helping people find a bridge to their unalloyed, pure Self, Shilpi, a New Delhi- based artist, poet, and educator, started an art-based healing and self-discovery module.

Shilpi’s art has been exhibited globally, including at the Indian High Commission in London.

She is also the founder of Wings of Wonder, an arts lab for children, and leads experiential workshops called START (Shilpi Talks ART) for individuals over the age of 15.

Join this workshop amid the murals and frescos of the Vedaanranya and Mohar havelis in Ramgarh Shekhavati.

Spiritual healing workshops and retreats with Life Positive leave an indelible impression on the mind, infusing it with positivity and accelerating personal growth at both conscious and subconscious levels. Modern man ought not to miss such an invaluable opportunity to explore his inner world, in the crucible of art, history, and heritage. For they say: “A people without the knowledge of their history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.”

We welcome you to join us in the journey within to mend the broken heart, energise the soul, and discover the Self.

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Day 1 : Check in is after 12 O’Clock. The first day’s schedule will kick off after some lunch and rest followed by a visit to the MOHAR Haveli, which is the treasure trove of heritage and culture, setting the perfect tone for your retreat!

You will also learn about Ramgarh and its rich history through a story narrative, along with getting introduced to your fellow explorers and facilitators later in the day. The day will conclude with a Vibrational Healing session with Shruti Nada from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Day 2 : The second day will have a divine start with an early morning visit to the much-revered Salasar Balaji Mandir. After breakfast, a workshop called Exploring Spaces Within and Without, a reflective art workshop designed by Shilpi, will await you to captivate you with its fluidity, playfulness, and nuance. In the evening, you will get to enjoy a Vibrational Healing session with Shruti Nada.

Day 3 : The third day entails a trip to the unique Veda Mandir, along with a visit to the intriguing chhatris and havelis of the town. The tour will be followed by a riveting Vibrational Healing session by Dr Shruti Nada, designed to bathe you in healing sounds that stir your soul and calm your mind as they facilitate a deep catharsis within you. And before you call it a night, Dr Shruti will once again enthral you with another session called Movement in Music at 9 p.m.

Day 4 : The fourth day will be dedicated to art and poetry. After breakfast participants will get exposed to the second level of the module, Exploring Spaces Within and Without, under Shilpi’s guidance. Furthermore, another module called Concrete Poetry will be shared with the group too by Shilpi after lunch, lasting two hours. Concrete Poetry is a verbivocovisual art form where each participant creates a concrete poetry of her own by the end of the session. Concrete poetry celebrates the form of alphabets like elements of art and takes language beyond the context of intellect into the realm of feelings and intuition. While the mind analyses, the heart synthesises, and through this medium of expression, both faculties work simultaneously and quite wonderfully!

Day 5 : An interactive session for facilitators & delegates to engage in the exchange of experiences and feedback. This session of the program will also encompass a gesture of gratitude extended towards the facilitators and delegates for their valuable contributions and active involvement. Check-out after breakfast.



By Car

Delhi to Vedaaranya Haveli, Ramgarh Shekhawati by Car – 6 Hrs (263.5 km) https://goo.gl/maps/bSj3fzL8YN2Gdc7q9

Gurugram (Haryana) to Vedaaranya Haveli, Ramgarh Shekhawati by Car – 5 Hrs 30 Mins (250 Kms)

Jaipur to Vedaaranya Haveli, Ramgarh Shekhawati by Car – 3 Hrs 20 Mins (189 Kms)

By Train

If you are coming via Train from Delhi/Gurgaon –

Train name – Bikaner SF Express || Train Number – 12457 (DEE BKN S F EXP)
Timings – 11:55 Pm (Departs from Sarai Rohilla, Delhi) – 04:20 Am (Arrives at Churu Railway Station)

If you hire a full taxi from Churu Railway Station, it should cost you between Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1500/- up to Vedaaranya Haveli, Ramgarh Shekhawati. The approximate distance between Churu Railway Station to Vedaaranya Haveli, Ramgarh Shekhawati is 35 Kms.

Kindly note – Please consult “Trains at a Glance” for options and timings.

By Air

The nearest airport is Jaipur International Airport.

Self realization through art and music September 2023 Schedule

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