Wiccan Secrets for Powerful Living


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Wicca is a craft of magic and empowerment which believes that every element has a consciousness directly linked with nature. If we are open to this consciousness, it acts as our guide in life. Wicca is all about developing an enhanced awareness, both of one’s surrounding and of oneself.

A Wiccan would draw energy from the universe using tools like- crystals, wood and stone; which would then be used to suck out the diseased energy from the patient. This would then be dispersed into the Earth. The healer, thus, is not drawing upon his/her own energies, but is tapping the universal current.

A popular tradition in Wicca is love craft, which is based on the simple tenet: ‘Love is the law’. As love is healing, nurturing, motivating and empowering, it is by far the most powerful of all human emotions. Love is said to be able to ‘conquer all’. It is not only the greatest source of magical power, it is magic in itself.

The highlights of the workshop are:

  1. The Goddesses of Wicca and their instruments
  2. Magic in crystal with demonstration and participation
  3. The Wiccan Shaman and her technique to healing
  4. Aligning with Nature with wood and stone
  5. Psychic attack and how to ward it off through Wicca
  6. The sounds and magical chants of Wicca

About The facilitator:

Ipsita Chakraverty is India’s foremost authority on the supernatural, a best selling author and researcher into old world cultures and civilizations. She has introduced in India the true face of Wicca and has spoken out against lobbies with vested interests who use superstition to harass and brand women as daayans in India. Ipsita is the founder of The Wiccan Brigade and The Young Bengal Brigade. Her books include Beloved WitchBeloved Witch ReturnsSacred Evil: Encounters with the Unknown and Spirits I have Known.

Price of the Workshop: Rs. 4500/-  including lunch




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