Held on September 1st – 2th 2023 at Hotel Savera, Chennai

Spiritual Healing Festival celebrating 25 years of Life Positive

About The Venue: Hotel Savera started in 1968 with 25 rooms and other facilities, The Savera Hotel stands today as an iconic landmark in Chennai with 230 rooms, 8 food & beverage outlets, 10 conference & meeting venues and a host of leisure facilities.

Savera Hotel has the privilege of being managed by the most experienced hoteliers and restaurateurs – Smt. A. Nina Reddy and Shri. A. Ravikumar Reddy. The first family in the Chennai hospitality business also has diversified interest in restaurants, mining and education.

Savera Hotel management is committed to promote tourism and actively participates in the Government of India initiatives like HUNAR SE ROZGAR for skill development in hotel services. Extending the reach through CSR activities, the management provides a platform for marginalised sections of society and the less privileged. Savera Hotel is closely associated with the National Association for Blind and organizes several programs throughout the yearlike Blind Car Rally and fundraising campaigns.

Savera Hotel management firmly believes in ATITHI DEVO BHAVAH and always searches for excellence in everything we do .. and the journey continues.

Inauguration ceremony by Swami Suddhananda Giri

Swami Suddhananda Giri Swami Suddhananda Giri graduated as an Electrical Engineer from IIT Chennai in 1975. Immediately after that he joined Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai. After serving in BARC for five years as a part of their research team experimenting in Plasma Physics, he felt the inner calling to dedicate his life as a monastic disciple of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, the author of the spiritual classic – Autobiography of a Yogi. Yoganandaji founded Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS) as a spiritual and charitable Society to disseminate the scientific Raja Yoga teachings – the spiritual treasure of ancient India – for the balanced development of body, mind, and soul; as well as to render humanitarian service to the downtrodden and the needy.
Since 1980 Swami Suddhananda has been living in YSS ashrams at Ranchi and Dakshineswar. He has addressed diverse groups: students, and faculty in eminent colleges and universities; professionals in engineering, health care, and other industries; and those serving our country in military, and Govt. establishments. He has travelled all over India and abroad giving discourses on the ‘How-to-Live’ teachings of Yoganandaji that bestows all round success and complete fulfilment.

Day 1 – September 1st (Friday) 2023

Emotional Reset by Nayana Gopinath
Emotional Reset by Nayana GopinathNayana was inclined to spirituality and healing from a very young age and her curiosity in these subjects encouraged her to explore more in the field of soul science and healing. Nayana started exploring different modalities of healing for self-healing and later got trained as a practitioner in different modalities of healing. Nayana will be hosting a Workshop at the ‘Life Positive’ event focussing on the aspects of emotional healing through trauma focused healing. When we go through intense emotional situations our body may not be able to process it fully and becomes a trauma which is a fracture in our spirit. This is what she hopes to address in her workshop using her experience in this area.

Alpha Mind by Sri Matha Vijayalakshmi Panthaiyan
Alpha Mind by Sri Matha Vijayalakshmi PanthaiyanWe all do know our mind has tremendous power. Srimatha Vijayalakshmi Panthaiyan a Spiritual Guru and founder of Alpha Mind Power will make us enhance this even further. She started this class in May 2000 and in these 23 years has conducted thousands of classes in various cities in India and abroad as well.

Alpha Meditation helps a person to experience the Power of the Subconscious Mind and the techniques help a person to meditate and achieve what he wants in life. Srimatha’s meticulous training empowers a person to face any situation in life with confidence and ease. She wishes to make everyone a master of their mind for in her rich experience, she has enabled many people to recognize this.

Day 2 – September 2nd (Saturday) 2023

Ikigai by Rama Ravee Titti, founder of Theesisksha Academics Private Limited

Ikigai by Rama Ravee TittiWhy is it that the Japanese are so efficient in almost all areas of life? This is surely because they have mastered how to lead life with the right principles. One of them is finding their Ikigai.

IKIGAI is a Japanese word which refers to life purpose. It helps to build Self Confidence and helps to become aware of both your strengths and weaknesses. IKIGAI creates an avenue to re-evaluate your Personal and Professional life culture and figure out new ways to balance the Goals Within. People who are able to achieve this balance are more likely to run a successful life. The core elements of IKIGAI are passion, Profession, Mission and Vocation. A situation where one feels satisfied with oneself, creates a high level of productivity. This has a wonderful impact on the body, mind and spirit which is what is responsible for Japan facing all kinds of challenges in their lives with equanimity and poise.

Acupressure by Ketan V Shah
Acupressure by Ketan V ShahOne of the articles I am proud of having authored for Life Positive is an article on the master acupressurist Ketan Shah and I have even guided many people to him who have thanked him. In my own case also, he is the first healer who gave me a lot of succour and hope when I was facing a health challenge.

Destiny brought Dr. Shah to acupressure when he himself underwent some health problems bringing him serious emotional and financial stress. Many things get amplified with personal experience. When almost everything else failed, it was acupressure that cured him in all areas so he learnt this art with diligence. Dr. Shah also learnt how energy balance is imperative for living a healthy life and how the same can be achieved using the science of Vaastu. He reached out to the community combining various healing modalities especially acupressure, Reiki and Vaastu to create balance, reduce stress and heal disease from the root.

Knowing this science, he has selflessly served society for over twenty eight years. He has healed people across the world from various ailments such as Asthma, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Cerebral Palsy, Physical and mental growth retardation, attention deficit syndrome, autism, arthritis, PCOD, Gynae Problems, Vitiligo, Parkinson, diabetes , joint pains and many more chronic problems.

He also has a PhD degree in alternative medicine and is popularly applauded with many Honorary awards, certificates and appreciation for his teaching and service as a Reiki healer, acupressure practitioner and master vaastu consultant.

He has treated more than four lakh patients. He has been conducting Acupressure and Vaastu workshops teaching thousands of students in over 32 countries. His patients come from all walks of life , They are various dignitaries at the parliamentary level, movie celebrities, sports legends and ao on. He even serves people jailed at Tihar jail and people in remote villages to help people live life without pain.

He believes that the path to good work starts with a noble heart and so has conducted free treatments and healings for many years in his effort to give back to society.

He is the author of two acupressure books; Acupressure for Total wellness in English and Hindi and Spinal Acupressure for total wellness. He also operates www.healingpressure.com to impart the knowledge of acupressure to all. In essence, he wishes to serve as many people as possible through acupressure.

Dr. Shah is also a renowned Vaastu consultant for industries, hospitals, schools, residential units and so on. His aim is to create a balance and help reduce stress and empower everyone to live a balanced life.

Why attend ? We spend so much on material things like dress, jewellery, travel and gourmet food. Surely, we need to also spend some time and money for our own inner self that asks us very little. We keep studying various things in life. Why should we not study more about ourselves and make ourselves happy and joyful on the journey of our lives? More than any amount of money, it is the joy we all seek and for this to happen, we need to work on ourselves. Chennai is a city that is always in love with learning and growing. People do have an intent to work on themselves. This is a sense is the ideal place for life positive to play a role and we are happy to do so.

This is a process that never ceases. You will be able to get a gamut of facilitators at a single place instead of going to various places. Meeting like minded people shall also make it a wonderful experience. In Chennai parlance, people could ask “life positive la pakkalama?” on a regular basis just like they ask for regular cultural events.

Life Positive does cater to people of all ages as we know it is never too late to take the first step in your journey of personal development. Sarting at any time can ensure that you are a learner for life. Life indeed is the best school of growth and we at Life Positive are glad to be playing a role here. This has healed and helped many people, so we wish to continue doing so. As this is all life, we know it shall continue as people do wish to succeed.