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Keynote address by Swami Suparnananda Secretary, 

The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture

 Four outstanding workshops


Alpha Mind Power by Dr Vijayalakshmi Panthaiyan

The mind can be our biggest friend or our worst enemy depending how we train it. As co- creators of our lives we can realign ourselves with the harmony of the universe by creating a balance between our thoughts and desires. The Alpha Mind Power workshops are a model for effective time management, planning and organisation. Dr Vijayalakshmi designed the Alpha Mind Power workshops after painstaking research that underscores the effect of meditation on the mind. She conveys complex topics in simple language to participants and helps them increase their level of self confidence and performance. Her meditation techniques enable speedy manifestation of goals, improve physical health and enhance relationships. Her initiations are done with the energy of the ancient Siddhas with which she herself has been initiated. Alpha mind power empowers us to manifest our destiny.

Ketan V

Acupressure for total wellness by Ketan Shah

Acupressure is a leading alternative therapy. A non-invasive modality, it can be practised after basic training by anyone, and has practically no side-effects. Ketan V Shah turned to acupressure after battling the agony caused by gangrene and a botched up appendicitis surgery and healed himself. He is passionate about acupressure and sees nothing as beyond it, be it Parkinsons, Diabetes or Cancer. He conducts workshops and seminars all over the world to empower people with self-healing. Apart from India, he has successfully treated people across continents- over a lakh in 28 countries like Kenya, Dubai, UK, USA and Australia.

Sunil Parekh

Mind power unlimited by Sunil Parekh

This transformational workshop takes the participants on a journey of understanding their unlimited potential and learning how to scientifically tap into it for personal and professional success. Unleash the power of your mind and break through all the limitations with experiential activities like fire eating, needle threading, body stiffening, hand magnetism and many more. Sunil Parekh is a success coach, trained by Jack Canfield, America’s leading coach and transformational leader. He has applied the learnings in his life to achieve high levels of success. Following his passion, Sunil quit his high profile job as the COO of a leading Animation studio of India) and started facilitating various transformational programmes for personal effectiveness, peak performance and stress management.

Chitra May 2014

Harnessing the Power of Love by Chitra Jha

Love is the Force that drives our life and yet, there is never enough of it to nourish us fully. Holistic Healer, Life Coach and author Chitra Jha says that lovelessness is the most prevalent malaise of our times which gets expressed as anger, abuse, disease, pain, greed, addiction, selfishness, obsession, corruption, violence and war. Hence, she has made it her mission to help people harness the power of love, in order to live healthy, abundant, successful, joyful and purposeful lives. In this experiential workshop, she will lead the participants through the experience of love and lovelessness to recognise both the energies at the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. She will then guide the participants in removing the blocks that keep us unaware of love’s presence in our life. This will help release the residual energy of negative emotions, leaving you refreshed and peaceful. You will receive an energy tool that you can use whenever you feel lost, terrified, uncertain,  disappointed, angry or overwhelmed. Chitra Jha is a best-selling author, an inspiring speaker, a holistic healer. She has published three books; ‘Achieve your Highest Potential: Be the Best You Can Be’, ‘The Art and Science of Meditation’, and ‘Stress-O-Paedia: a Detailed Guide for a Stress-Free Life’. Her fourth book on Conscious Parenting is in the process of publishing with Hay House Publications.

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