Held on 18 & 19 March, 2023 at Zorba the Buddha, Near Ghitorni Metro St., Delhi

Four cutting- edge facilitators, delivering life-changing techniques and tools. Below is the sneak peek.

Day 1, Saturday, 18th March, Time 9:30am – 6:00pm

Metaheal Therapy By Dr. Raman Deep Kaur

Metaheal Therapy By Dr. Raman Deep KaurMETAHEAL THERAPY facilitates transformation by inculcating elements from metaphysical territory with scientific techniques that heal at the cell level as the subconscious and the unconscious mind re- engineers itself.

We take you in a process, created by Dr Raman Deep Kaur, that helps you decipher the root where the very onset of a harmful way of expression of the root emotion in consideration started in the past as a coping mechanism that no longer serves any good to you.

METAHEAL THERAPY will help you to let go of all the emotional baggage that you are subconsciously holding on to; leading to a lack of SELF LOVE, WRONG EXPRESSION OF EMOTIONS, CONFUSED COMMUNICATION, NO SENSE OF DIRECTION OR GOALS, LACK OF MINDFULNESS AND SENSE OF FULFILMENT.
PS: We will be addressing the dark emotion of FEAR in this programme.

Dr Raman Deep Kaur, PhD (Metaphysics), is an International-Coach-Federation-certified Holistic Transformation Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach. She is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Trainer (Richard Bandler). She is also a Reiki Master and Access Consciousness Facilitator. She has been trained with Louise L Hay, Robin Sharma and Dr Joe Vitale. She is also a Past Life Regression Practitioner, certified with Dr Brian L Weiss and recently completed her Diploma in Psychology and Mental Health from the University of Liverpool. She completed her ph.D. from the US in Metaphysics and is presently studying sound healing.

Create New Life with Past Life Regression with Ambika Khanna

Create New Life with Past Life Regression with Ambika KhannaAnybody who has ever undergone past life regression has never emerged the same. A new door opens as an old one closes, and a fresh era starts in one’s life. This is because past life regression works on the principle of cause and effect and helps remove the effects by addressing the root cause of difficulties. By going to the root cause and understanding how it has affected the present, profound natural healing takes place automatically.

This therapy works simultaneously on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit, and heals at all levels. It will help you healing diseases, understand karmic patterns, removal of block energies, phobias etc. It will help you improve your relationships, retrieve talents from previous births, free you from the fear of death and finally, help you discover your purpose in this life.

Mrs Ambika Khanna is an accomplished wellness healer with over 15 years of experience. She has helmed programmes on Pragya TV for more than four years. Trained under Dr Newton and Ms Lakshmi Kondaveti, her expertise lies in healing past life traumas, relationship issues, chronic diseases, depression, anxiety, and other emotional ailments through modalities like past life regression. She is also the head of the Delhi region of Quantum Life University and the co-founder of Soul Setu Wellness Foundation, established in 2019, which successfully hosted one of the largest ‘Soul’ Festivals in Gurgaon on December 1, 2019.

Day 2, Sunday, 19th March, Time 9:30am – 6:00pm

Clinical Hypnotherapy with Rachna Nayar

Clinical Hypnotherapy with Rachna NayarHypnotherapy is a process of guided relaxation, where a person is put in a trance-like heightened state of awareness and attention. The therapy has the power to penetrate the subconscious mind where 90% of negative emotions are stuck. The hypnotherapist guides you towards identifying and healing your mental health issues.

Anxiety & Stress, Family Issues, Phobia, Addiction Issues, Childhood trauma, It is also effective in building confidence, Self esteem, Self love, Release past issues, It’s a quick fix way where normal therapy takes months or years clinical hypnosis clears negative limiting beliefs in a few sessions.

Rachna Nayar is Inclined to research and evolve in the field of energy and psychological expansion, Rachana began her career with alternate healing over 25 years ago. She has discovered her purpose and is fulfilling it every day. Tranquility Now’s Founder, Rachna Nayar is one of the more coveted alternate therapies in India. She’s been bringing some of the most viscerally transformative healing modalities to India for over 2 decades now.


WEST(WISDOM, ENERGY, SPACE & TIME) by Kalyaann SirWEST (Wisdom, Energy, Space, and Time) is a particular module developed by facilitator Kalyaann Sir using our traditional Indian spiritual culture. WEST is a holistic modality that evolved through 13 years of continual study, observation, and experience with the frequencies of colours, numbers, planets, directions, and space energies. It is concerned with how cosmic vibrations affect our ideas, feelings, emotions, and the world we live in.

In this one-day session, a variety of WEST concepts will be taught using metaphysical tools, allowing you to improve the level of your knowledge of Indian Spirituality.

Kalyaann Sir is a consultant, coach, and therapist. He also serves as a Personal Mentor for Indian film and television stars, politicians, and business owners. He has been interviewed and published in Life Positive, India’s leading spiritual magazine. He enables individuals to alter their life by observing their perceptions. He resides in Mumbai with his wife, energy healer Reetta Kalyan Jain, and their two children. Reetta and Kalyaann both do what they preach.