A two-days workshop in New Delhi, on
Mind Power Unlimited by Sunil Parekh


January 16-17, 2016
At The Legend Inn, E-4 East Of Kailash New Delhi-110065

♦ Tap into your unlimited potential for goal achievement and problem solving using powerful mind tools
♦ Eliminate Stress – the biggest Human Virus
♦ Overcome limiting beliefs and past conditioning /Internal barriers which holds you back from achieving
what you want. Create a “YESSS, it’s Possible” Mindset.
♦ Take sound decisions by developing your Intuition.
♦ Unleashing your creativity for innovation and problem solving
♦ Increase your Emotional Intelligence and therefore EQ
♦ Controlling Anger, Fear, Worry, Anxiety and any negative emotions within minutes.
♦ Develop a Positive Mental Attitude
♦ Increase your Confidence. Deal with FEAR.
♦ Cutting edge mind tools for increasing your negotiation & convincing abilities
♦ Become UNSTOPPABLE to achieve ANYTHING!!

Know your facilitator Sunil Parekh

Sunil Parekh

Sunil Parekh is an International Success Coach, Human Potential Trainer and a Mind Power Expert, apart from being an engineer. He is a coach to celebrities, sportspersons, business professionals. Till date, Sunil has touched over 27,000 lives through his seminars and workshops, and has made a huge difference to their lives. He is currently the CEO and Managing Director of RISE Development Academy.

Contribution: ` 8,000/- per person Inclusive of Course free, veg lunch & two times tea/coffee